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What's in a name?

PICO stories

Loads of people ask us why our brand is called PICO. What does it mean? Where does it come from? Why did we choose this word? 

So here it is...

The original plan was to use a word that didn't immediately link to a specific thought, whether it is a type of food, a region or a type of business. We wanted to build the entire meaning around the word ourselves. From scratch. 

So we started looking out for words that didn't  have any immediate significance in India, but that could work well with our long term vision for the brand once we start generating awareness and go through a brand building process.

The name PICO came to mind because it has a few interesting associations and meanings in a few different languages across the world. It therefore gave us the significance that we were looking for without the pre-existing references to something else:

1. PICO in Spanish means summit, as in the summit of a mountain. Not bad for a wee little brand like us to Everest scale ambitions

2. PICO, especially in South America, means mouth, although this is more colloquial. Again, not a bad subtle reference for a food company that aims to set your mouth on fire with every bite

3. PICO is the first name of the famous travel write Pico Iyer. We liked the idea that PICO was also a first name. There is so much more you can do with a brand name when it is also the name of a person.

4. Finally, the word for spicy in many different European languages plays around the word PICO:

Italy: piccante

France: piquant

Spain: picante AND ALSO picoso

So there you have it. Next time someone asks you about why we are called PICO, you can pull out your expert knowledge. Also, you can now say the word spicy in 4 new languages! (Portuguese is the same as Spanish...)

Until next time, stay hot, stay saucy!

*[one tiny detail to point out: when we named our brand, we didn't actually realise that we would be focusing on hot sauce, so the 4th point is actually just a mammoth and very fortunate coincidence!]

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