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Our Bhut Jolokia is ON FIRE!!!

bhut jolokia hot sales


You may have been trying to order some of your favourite sauce recently and noticed that our Bhut Jolokia is regularly out of stock.

See, when our re-branded Pico range of sauces came back on line that the beginning of this year, we were expecting the same kind of interest that we were getting when we were fully stocked last year. To our (happy) surprise, it looks as though a lot has changed while we've been gone.

It turns that news has spread about the return of Pico's Signature Bhut Jolokia Sauce to the online shelves and since our relaunch a couple of weeks ago, the sauce has been, well, on FIRE!!! 

We sold so many bottles in the first week of this year that we have decided to limit the release of our existing stock and only allow a certain number of bhut jolokia bottles to be sold on any given day. 

By doing this we hope to get some more stock onto the shelves as soon as we can, but in the meantime it means you may see the 'sold out' button popping up every now and then. 

But not to worry, our team is lining up several batches of production as soon as we can and before you know it you can buy all the sauce you like.

It's been a great start to the year - thanks for supporting us and thanks for buying up all of our sauce!

Stay saucy, people!

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