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New Year, New Pico.


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Hello! And Happy New Year. Just like every other year we can't wait to get 2018 off to a cracking start. But this time, our enthusiasm comes from more than just a few well-intentioned resolutions and the lingering taste of Christmas pudding in our mouths. 

This year we've made some changes. In fact, we've changed everything. Today if you take a look at our product page you may not recognise any of the packaging that you find on our site. That's right, go and have a look and then come back an keep reading. 

So you may have a couple of questions ticking around in your head right now - why the change? Why now? Who are these people on the packaging? What happened to our beloved Pico sauces and do they still taste just as gosh-darn good as before? 

Well, dear reader, let me fill you in so that you can share in our explosive enthusiasm for what Pico will be in 2018...

 The Reason

Quite simply, in 2018, Pico is going global. We have a packed schedule in Q1 of this year, as Pico will be widely available in both the UK as well as Singapore by March of this year. We are very excited about this new phase of expansion, which has been several years in the making. 

As part of the entry into these new territories, we also took the opportunity to step back and understand Pico's place in the world. For so many years, Pico has been all about getting a fantastic set of condiments and chilli sauces to the curious, inquisitive, culinary explorers of India. Our focus has been on great Indian ingredients, delicious recipes and cool, international packaging.

But now that Pico is going global, we needed to add another dimension to what we do: Pico from here on needs to be recognised as The Great Indian Sauce Company. Because outside of India, believe it or not, there is almost nobody making amazing Indian sauces. You can find Indian cooking sauces, sure, but there are very few brands that sell the kind of sauces that we serve. And we are very proud of that. So when we enter the UK or Singaporean market we don't want people to know us only as Pico: we want to be known as Pico, The Great Indian Sauce Company. Being truly Indian always has and always will be at the core of being Pico. And when it comes to stepping out into the big world, we want to put our best foot forwards. 

What has changed?

So when you take a second look at our new and improved Pico packaging, you will see that we have made quite a few changes. Thanks to the creativity of the designers at Hermana Creatives, an edgy design start up split between London and Buenas Aires, we have been able to reflect some of Pico's core values through the logo, packaging and the website design. The design brief was to capture the vibrance and essence of Modern India, and make a truly Indian product accessible and familiar to an international community. In many ways, this is exactly what we are doing with the sauces themselves. And what better way to achieve this objective than to reimagine India's traditional artistic illustrations in a modern and vibrant way?

As part of the design rethink, we also introduced a useful spiciness indicator on the front. From our "no tension" rating on our no-chilli Imli Chutney to our "Super Spicy" warning on our signature Bhut Jolokia Sauce, we now let you know what you can expect to get from the Pico sauce in your hands. You will also notice that most of the sauces are now linked with a specific region or city in India. While our sauces are all made in Mumbai, either the ingredients, recipes or inspiration have come from a specific place across the country. It is important for us to present India to the international community as it truly is: a rich tapestry of cultures, cuisines, climate and ingredients where each town or village may have its own preparation style or way of eating. 

What's happening on the inside?

While the bottles and the labels may have changed, let me reassure you that the sauce on the inside is exactly the same as it always has been - fresh ingredients and sophisticated recipes that go with all of your favourite dishes. We thought about changing the recipes a little, but we very quickly realised that that isn't what people are looking for. If we stand for authenticity and a true experience of Modern Indian Cuisine then why would we want to change anything about the taste of our sauces? 

I won't keep you any longer. It's time to order your favourite sauces! As a thank you for coming so far along this journey with us (and as a special treat for reading down to the end of this blog), you can use this BLOG15 discount code to get a 15% discount when you order any Pico products until the end of February 2018. You can order by clicking here and visiting our online shop.

 That's all for now... Stay saucy, people!

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