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Indian nachos recipe

bhut jolokia how to mango chilli Mexican nachos recipe

Everybody loves nachos. And why wouldn't they? They taste amazing and they are so easy to share. It's the perfect dish to whip up when you have a few people over to your house.

What some people don't know is that nachos are in fact incredibly easy to make. And the best part is that unless you want to be incredibly authentic, you can easily make a great tasting nachos dish from the kind of ingredients you find around a typical Indian pantry... all you need is a couple of bottle of PICO sauces and the no-brainer recipe below, and you're all set. ARRIBA!!

The way to think about nachos is 3 essential layers that make up the overall dish. But as long as you stick to this template, you can actually exchange almost any of the ingredients you find in a traditional Mexican nachos and substitute in any equivalent that is easier (or cheaper) to get your hands on. 

Layer 1: the crunchy base

You almost always find crunchy tortilla chips at the centre of any nacho bowl. This is the essence of a good nachos. But actually, the exact chip is not what's important - it's actually about finding a neutral tasting, crunchy chip that can act as an edible spoon to scoop up all the tasty toppings that come later. If you can get hold of some tortilla chips then that's great. Try Cornitos which you can find all over the place by now. 

But here's the fun part: if you can't find actual nachos then almost anything else that is a similar size and crunchy will also work. Try khakra for example if you want to be healthier. If you want to go a bit more desi, break papad (plain) into smaller pieces and use that. Whatever it is it'll probably taste great by the end.

Layer 2: the toppings

What you put onto nachos is really up to you. Almost everyone puts tomatoes, but in addition to that you can put chopped cucumbers, raw mango, onions, capsicum, avocado (although avocados can get expensive) or anything else you can get hold of. If you eat meat, then kheema can give your dish some more substance. In Mexico they often put rajma beans, which can make it really authentic if you can be bothered to cook the beans in advance. If not, who'll notice? Just throw in a few other things and no one will know the difference!

Layer 3: the sauce

This is where we come in. A traditional nachos will typically have the following items: tomato salsa, sour cream, guacamole, melted cheese, and sometimes mango salsa. But avocados are really expensive in India, and sour cream isn't that easy to find (no, you can't just put regular cream instead). Jars of tomato salsa are normally imported and expensive, and making a salsa from scratch is time consuming.

Luckily for you, PICO exists. And all your favourite PICO sauces are available right here

Here's our suggestions that will make a super tasty nachos in no time, and it'll save you a bit of cash along the way:

Instead of the mango salsa, use PICO's Mango Chilli Sauce. When we give our sauce to Mexicans, they think it's mango salsa anyway. Problem solved!
Instead of sour cream, use dahi. If you mix it well and then put a few dollops onto your nachos, there may be a small taste difference, but not in a bad way. It'll just taste fresher. And what's more, it'll be healthier than using sour cream!
Instead of tomato salsa, chop up some tomatoes and mix it with PICO's Bhut Jolokia Sauce. It'll be spicier, sure, but it'll be damn tasty too!

Once you have layered all 3 parts on top of each other (crunchy at the bottom, chopped chunks in the middle, sauces on the top) then you're good to go for an amazing party treat. Here's a tip: garnish the top of your nachos with a bit of chopped coriander and some grated cheddar to make it look like it should be on the cover of a food magazine.

So there you have it. A great nachos without any of the expensive ingredients you thought you needed to buy. And thanks to PICO's range of sauces our nachos recipe takes hardly any time at all!

Until next time, stay hot, stay saucy!

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  • sana on

    thanks alot for this recipe i have tried this recipes from another site and i got to say that nacho recipe is the best i have tasted yet ! try it with mustard and cheese. :)

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