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For the love of chutney


For Millenia, Indian food has gone hand in hand with a green chutney. Whatever you're eating, whichever Indian restaurant you may be in across the globe, you will find yourself dipping something tasty into a fresh green chutney. Here in India, so many homes across the country will whip up a chutney in time for a meal, whether it uses coriander or mint as its base, flaming hot with green chillies or cooled down with dahi, water based or whizzed with mustard oil. 

So why is it, when you walk into a grocery shop, you see stacks of pickles all around you, but there isn't a good ol' chutney in sight? We wondering that as well, and when we started to dig around and couldn't find a convincing answer, we did what we at PICO love to do: we decided to go ahead and make our own damn chutneys. 

Whenever you do find a hari chutney in the market (and more often you don't) it often comes in a little plastic bag, sealed under a flame, with a dubious expiry date no more than 48 hours from that very moment. The same reasons that make you think twice about walking up to any old street vendor in a grimy city like Mumbai are equally applicable when it comes to your chutney buying habits: who made it and when, and did he really wash his hands before chopping up that dhaniya? It's no wonder the chutney only last for a few days when you think about how sterile the conditions really need to be when handling such delicate ingredients as dhaniya or pudina. 

At PICO, when we do something, we make sure we do it right. So our plans for chutney have actually been long in the making. We didn't just want to make chutney, we wanted to change the way India perceives the entire notion of chutney. We wanted to start a chutney revolution. And to do that, we needed it to be safe, high quality and super tasty, just like our other PICO products. So PICO chutneys all come with a 12 month shelf life, hygiene guaranteed.

See chutney is to India what hot sauce is to America. Chutney is India's original spicy condiment - never used while cooking, but always dolloped on once the food gets to the table. It adds that oomph that food sometimes lacks, and it tickles parts of your mouth that only a true chutney knows how to find. So while we continue on our journey to bring hot sauce to India, we thought we would remind everyone that we already eat hot sauce by the bucket load. But guess what, it's called chutney and it's damn tasty. 

So enough talking, it's time you went and bought yourself one of our delicious chutneys. And did I mention it only costs Rs.49 per bottle? Bargain. Click here to get your hands on some right now. 

In the meantime, stay hot, stay saucy!


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