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Customer queries - where can I find PICO?

customer queries finding PICO Mumbai

We keep getting asked where you can buy PICO sauces around Mumbai. We thought, therefore, that a little blog post on some of our best known retailers might help a few people out. 


Let's start with this page right here. If you find yourself craving some incredible PICO sauce right now, then look no further! At the top of this page you will see the word 'PRODUCTS', and if you click on it, it will take you right to our product page from where you can buy anything that we make. Alternatively, click here. In fact, if you order through the official PICO website, we don't charge any delivery fees within Mumbai or Delhi. While we can't promise next day delivery, we can normally get you some sauce within a couple of days. Also, if you have subscribed to our newsletter you will normally find a juicy offer waiting to be redeemed. If you haven't subscribed yet, do so now at the bottom of this page!

Elsewhere online, you can find our products on Amazon, or if you do your groceries on Bigbasket then you get get our sauces here


By now, after a few years of intense struggle and negotiation, we can proudly say that PICO products are available in most supermarkets across the city. Most, that is. Which store you go to will depend entirely on where you live or which part of town you are in, but here is a list of the supermarkets where you will almost certainly find our products - if you our full range then at least a good few varieties. Hopefully, you'll find what you are looking for:

Foodhall @ Palladium. It's actually just a wonderful store anyway and worth visiting.

Nature's Basket. There are quite a few by now, and we're in all of them! If you can't find the product you are looking for, please pester the store manager on our behalf so that we can have it for you next time. 

Hypercity. The further out in the suburbs you go, the larger, and hence better, the supermarket experience. In fact they don't call them supermarkets anymore - they're hypermarkets. And Hypercity is one of the biggest in the city. Whichever one you go to you are bound to find our full range.

Gourmet West. It is a shame that there is only one in the city (Kala Ghoda) because these stores are well kept and very easy to shop in.

Haiko. Powai residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to grocery shopping. And luckily for us we're in the biggest and most prominent supermarket in the neighbourhood. 

Kirana Shops

While they may not be the most organised (or sometimes cleanest) of places to visit, there is something lovely about taking a stroll down to your local Mom n Pop to get your daily essentials. That's why we try to be in as many of these stores as we can manage. Now Mumbai has over 1 lakh kirana shops, so we sometimes feel as though we're just scratching the surface, but in reality, PICO is actually available in a whopping 2500 general trade stores across the city. A drop in the ocean as far as Mumbai goes, sure, but for us we feel like we've conquered the world. 

It's pretty hard to tell you which stores stock our products without listing out all 2500 of them for you, which I'm obviously not going to do. But here are a few ways to navigate through the opaque world of Mumbai's kirana shops and get hold of your favourite PICO hot sauce:

  1. we are probably in the larger format stores in your neighbourhood - think mini, family run supermarkets rather than stand-on-the-street-and-point type shops
  2. we'll be in the shops that feel a bit more upmarket. Not because we're doing that deliberately, but those are the shopkeepers who try out new brands.
  3. Look out for imported foods. That's normally a good indication that a shopkeeper attracts a higher spending clientele and he therefore thinks that PICO will work (even though we're really affordable anyway, we promise!)
  4. If there is a 'landmark' store in your 'hood then we're probably in there by now. If not, please ask them to keep PICO!
  5. We are more likely to be in a western suburb rather than eastern. Again, not because we planned it that way but just because. 

I hope that helps. If you ever have trouble finding our products just give us a shout at and we will do our best to solve your sauce emergency on the double. If you haven't bought some PICO sauce in the time that you have been reading this, then GO BUY SOME HOT SAUCE RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Until then, stay hot, stay saucy!

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