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Combat the 4pm Hunger Pangs!

bhut jolokia chutney how to mango chilli

Imagine this setting: you’re done with lunch and you've gone back to your desk with a massive to do list in front of you. Then just as you're getting back into the flow and ticking off those tasks like anything, the inevitable happens: its 4 pm and you are raging with hunger.
You want to have a bhel, vada pav, sandwich, heck whatever comes in front of you. To make matters worse, your colleague on the next table is talking about muffins and cookies.
Seems like a situation that even the most well-disciplined and diet conscious fail to combat.

Time for PICO come to your rescue!
Our range of sauces and chutneys are guaranteed to make life easy and turn you into, well, a hit amongst your colleagues.

PICO is much more than an amazing range of hot sauces - think of it more as your go-to life-saver for all things foodie and delicious that needs that little oomph to wake up your taste buds.
Here is a list of foods you can add to your 4 pm snack attack, and pair PICO with it to intensify your taste buds without maxing out on the calorie scale.

1) A crunchy salad:

Cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, taste so good with a dash of our mango chilli sauce. The sweetness and slight spice give plain old veggies a Mexican salsa twist.

2) Bhutified Fruit:

Fruit makes for a refreshing evening snack and is nutritious too. But how about adding a hit of spice to make the fruits pop; case in point’ Bhut Jolokia.
Two drops of this sauce and you’re good to go. Fruits are more palatable, digestion is revved up and calories are still in check.
Word of Caution: - drops qualify for only two teeny-weeny drops and not two blobs. Unless you want your tongue on fire for the rest of the day.

3) Bambaiyya Sandwich:

What is a sandwich without the instant nostalgia of the fresh burst of a Hari chutney? Luckily for you, you don't need to find out. PICO's Bambaiyya Hari Chutney has all the greenly goodness minus the blitzing and cleaning! Our Hari chutney is clear winner in the chutney department, and no sandwich is complete without it.

4) A little fried something:

When you've decided to take a quick break from your diet for the day, samosas and bhajjias with imli chutney are a match made in snack heaven. Add to the list vadas, pakoras and pattices. What is more, our imli chutney is a good source of antioxidants as it contains 60% pure tamarind made from the whole fruit, never from paste.

We think this is enough to satiate the 4 pm pangs. Stay tuned for more ideas on how to banish food blues.

How do you make your food more interesting with PICO? Share with us your recipe and a few pics of it with the PICO sauce and win an exciting hamper and feature on our website too.
Sounds exciting, isn’t it!

Happy Saucing!
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