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3 ways to deal with Bhut Jolokia

bhut jolokia how to recipe

We all love the taste of PICO's Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce. It sets your mouth on fire in a way that no other sauce could ever do. But that's not all - India's spiciest sauce also happens to be one damn tasty sauce too. We don't just throw in a bunch of super hot chillies and hope it almost kills you, at PICO we take the whole R&D process way more seriously. As a result, PICO's sauce has a wide range of spices and herbs that make this sauce smokey, aromatic and incredibly delicious. 

"But how do I eat it when it's SO DAMN HOT" I hear you cry.

Don't worry, we know how you feel. That's why we're giving you 3 easy ideas that you can whip up in a second and get the great flavours of our bhut jolokia sauce without needing an ambulance on standby.

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Tip #1: Bhutified Ketchup

This one's as easy as pie. Open your bottle of Bhut Jolokia, and pour it into PICO's Tomato Ketchup. We recommend a ratio of 1:5 but if you can handle the burn then feel free to add some more of the hot stuff. And there you have it, a bhutified ketchup or a milder bhut jolokia sauce. Either way it works like a charm.

Tip #2: Spicy yoghurt dressing

Imagine you are about to eat some biryani, or you've decided to order in a kathi roll for lunch. A cooling yogurt dressing may be just the thing to wake it up. Here's what you do:

1. get some yogurt

2. pour in some bhut jolokia (it should change colour, but still be a light white-ish tone)

3. throw on some chopped coriander leaves

4. sprinkle a pinch of chaat masala on top

And there you have it. Your mother couldn't have done a better job if she tried.

Tip #3: No-nonsense sabzi

Cooking can be fun, but it can also be a frustratingly slow, cruel process if you've come back from work and you're desperately hungry. But those vegetables aren't going to cook themselves. While we haven't yet invented the sauce that cooks things for you, our beloved Bhut certainly takes the hassle out of it if you want something tasty in the shortest amount of time.

1. wash and chop your veg

2. put it in a pan and switch on the flame

3. pour bhut jolokia on top

4. stir until it looks like something you would eat

Save your gourmet 15 step recipe for another day. Right now, you're hungry and Bhut Jolokia is the key to a quick fix dinner that tastes like edible gold (spicy gold, that is).

Until next time, stay hot, stay saucy!

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